How Minimalism is Improving My Life

With Black Friday being only a few days behind us, now seems like the perfect time to tell you about my journey with minimalism. Minimalism is different for everyone; it manifests itself differently in different lives, and that is part of why I love it so much. You can adapt it and change it as you grow and change. There is no one single definition. To me, minimalism means only owning what I need and absolutely love, and getting rid of the excess. Once the excess is gone, I can focus on my priorities and when I’m focusing on my priorities, I’m able to enjoy life more and feel deeper satisfaction.

Stuff gives me anxiety. Clutter makes my brain feel frazzled. But since I now have less stuff and the stuff I do have is organized, my mind is more clear and my space feels better. I don’t spend as much time cleaning and organizing, and that allows me to spend that time doing other things. In addition to the time and mental clarity, minimalism has also been saving me money. I don’t feel the need to constantly be buying the latest and greatest stuff. I spend more time being careful about what I purchase and prefer to save my money for fewer things that I enjoy much more. I have mostly gotten rid of the desire to impulse buy. The money I save is much more worth it, and I don’t ever feel like I’m depriving myself.

I completely understand if this doesn’t seem like something you would want to do, but I highly encourage you to give it a try. Start small. Declutter a small area of your house that you frequently use. Get rid of or simplify a task or commitment. When you start small, it gives you momentum to keep going when you realize how much it improves your life. Minimalism isn’t about being perfect; it’s about simplifying your life and making it perfect for you.


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