Christmas Revelations

Christmas was definitely different this year than it normally is. I spend the holiday with my boyfriend’s family in Bismarck, ND, and it wasn’t what I expected at all.

I think we tend to get very used to our own life and family, and it’s easy to forget that other people do things differently than us. Christmas traditions are such a sacred thing for each family, so the first time doing something different can be really strange. Even though I enjoyed doing something different this year, it pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me ponder many things.

One big thing this little trip made me realize is just how much I’m attracted to things that are unique and unconventional. Bismarck seems like a great city, but it just appears so normal. It’s full of perfectly designed neighborhoods with gigantic houses, massive department stores, and all of the typical chain restaurants you’d expect to see. You could pick up this city and put it anywhere and it would look like a thousand other places. Everyone wakes up and has the same routine, goes to bed and does it all over again, functioning on autopilot because that’s all they know how to do.

I realize that this does not represent everyone, but this is what I saw a lot of and it made me realize how passionate I am about living my life differently. I don’t exactly know what I want that to look like, But I know I love places that are unique, I enjoy people that are a bit different, and I don’t want to be a slave to a giant house one day. I want to live in a place that inspires me, with people that are interesting, in a house that doesn’t look like I’m trying to live up to an impossible standard.

I am truly thankful that my boyfriend and his family allowed me to spend Christmas with them, and it was nice to be able to explore a new place. It’s also great when I can take a new experience and use it to learn more about myself and what I want out of life. So here is today’s message; be open to using new experiences, big or small, to explore your beliefs and learn more about yourself. You never know what you might discover, and how it might benefit your life.


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