Who Is Standing In Our Way?

Maybe I’m mad because people make decisions that affect other people while only thinking about the convenience to themselves.

Maybe I’m frustrated that I can’t snap my fingers and automatically make it easier to get along with others who annoy me.

Maybe I’m annoyed that some are so judgmental of those different from them, thus creating an environment I wish I could escape from.

We all know that humans are flawed, but what makes people not want to improve on their flaws? What makes people content to stay trapped in the monotony even when, deep down, the desire for more?

Is it fear?

Are we so afraid to fail, that we would rather stay stuck?

That idea seems sad because it’s usually only failure in our own eyes. Other people are typically too busy and preoccupied with their own lives to notice the minute details of ours.

Are we spending our entire lives afraid of a societal expectation that only exists in our minds?

I wish I knew the answers to these questions enough to apply them to a life other than my own. The older I get, the less afraid of failures and other’s opinions of my failures I become. The more I realize that it is often not society standing in our way, but ourselves.


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