We Are Not Awake

I get along fairly well in the working world, but there are certain things that take me an enormous amount of effort to do. Not because I’m not capable, but because I have no tolerance for bureaucracy and office politics. Why do companies and governments insist on using systems to track progress that are inefficient or do not work for all scenarios? You cannot expect good results if you put a band-aid on a punctured artery. So why do people handle important agency policies and systems that way It may be easier for the people who create them to make a blanket system, but it is not easier for the workers who have to deal with the inefficiencies and ineffectiveness. There has to be a better solution. It is causing a huge waste of effort on the backs of people who have endless streams of paperwork and rules to follow that seem to make progress stagnant, if not worse.

I’m not sure if pointing it out makes it possible for progress or not, because most people seem to be apathetic towards their wasted time and lack of improvement. But so many of us work at places dedicated to helping people, meanwhile ignoring the problems that make that work more difficult. How are we expected to help make others’ lives flourish when we feel like we are drowning? What will it take for us to finally wake up and see that we might not be doing the good we think we are? Some rules are meant to be broken, but others might just be better broken.


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