Walking My Way To Happiness

I love going for walks because it gives my mind a break from itself.

All day long we live by these invisible expectations of others; what we do for work, how much money we are supposed to make, how we should spend our free time. Have you ever actually sat down and thought about whether or not you are where you’re at in life because you actively, purposefully chose it, or because you allow yourself to function on auto-pilot?

As I’m walking through my neighborhood, I can’t help but wonder if all these homeowners intentionally chose this house, in this town because they truly love it, or because it seemed like the easiest choice. How often do I analyze my own life this way?

I know that all these thoughts may not seem like I’m giving my mind a break, but I am. I am giving myself the freedom to allow my thoughts to wander and the space to discover new things. It’s not easy to allow yourself that luxury when you’re consumed with your 9-5 and never-ending to-do list that you think you need to follow. Walking gives me that freedom. It allows me to stop bombarding my brain with all these unnecessary things and just be.

If you gives yourself breaks like this, you’ll find that being “busy” and “productive” aren’t always going to give you the fulfillment that you desire. It’s a balance between productivity and peacefulness that gives you that fulfillment. I’m not quite there yet, but maybe some more walks will help get me there.


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