Pink Concert At The Fargodome

Some experiences end up being so precious to us that we just want to keep them close to our hearts and not share them with others. That is how I feel about last night when I saw Pink at the Fargodome. I feel like it was such an important moment in my life and even though I normally would keep this to myself, I’m going to share it today.

As much as I love going to concerts, they always highly exacerbate my Tourette Syndrome. The excitement, the crowds, the nervous energy, and the caffeine that I don’t normally drink made last night no different than usual. My tics were kicked into high gear. The reason this is such a problem for me is because my tics make me feel very self-conscious and very self-aware, and they take my focus away from the performance when I can’t even keep my eyes and head looking straight. And add in the close quarters with strangers and it is my definition of hell. But I put up with it for my love of music.

Last night I had a few moments where I was getting frustrated with myself and was feeling like I wasn’t able to fully soak in the music in that moment because my tics were driving me crazy and were making me feel ridiculously self-conscious. But then the revelation hit me like a brick. Here I was just hating on myself while listening to music that preaches self love. And then I realized how often I do this, and how often I go through my days not feeling like I’m being true to myself. So as crazy as it may sound, I needed this concert. I needed it to bring my focus back to who I really am and not just who I think I need to be. An adult, but still a kid at heart. Strong, but sensitive. Creative, and logical. A dreamer, but still realistic. I am so many different things, and I don’t need to let “adulthood” and whatever excuses dull my shine.


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