New Adventures

Lately I haven’t been writing very much and I think it’s not because of a lack of inspiration, but more because I’ve been thinking hard about the type of content I want to put out. I feel like I’m always torn between writing the type of the things I really want to, versus writing things that are easily sellable and are a dime a dozen. It seems like there are so many people out there telling you about the type of content you should post to get the most traffic and the most money, but now the internet is full of articles saying the same basic things and as much as I want to make a bit of extra money off of this blog, I also want it to enjoy it and have it be something unique. I don’t want this to feel like a chore, and that’s how I’ve felt lately. I just want to write about my life, and my thoughts and beliefs, and hope that some people get some value and enjoyment out of it.

Now with that said, I’ve started a new adventure that I’m hoping will inspire lots of creativity and many more blog posts. I’m now living in Duluth, which is something I’ve wanted to do for many years now. I’m working as a counselor at a residential treatment center, which is a crazy journey in its own right. I’m loving it so far, though, and it’s put me in a much better headspace than I’ve been in quite a while. And when I feel healthier, it’s much easier for me to have the self-discipline to sit down and get my ideas down on paper.

So going forward, I’m thinking I’ll be posting more content about my financial journey, my experiences with frugality and minimalism, as well as more poetry/creative writing, and pieces about my thoughts/beliefs/observations about many things related to self-improvement. I’m looking forward to posting more content that I’m actually excited about, so stay tuned!


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