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The sun shines, but it’s glow casts a deceiving view of the world.

People are scared.

Real answers are rare, true freedom feels false, the unknowns lurking behind every corner.

No one knows how many casualties, lost souls, and broken hearts will remain once the dust settles.

But we do know who will rise to the top and who will fall, because this is all a game.

It’s a game with pre-chosen winners, with no one to warn those who will get lost among the shadows.

The winners have been decided and they get to make the choices.

They tell us what to do, how to do it, and then try to convince us it’s for our own good.

They make us think we need them, and then pull the rug out from underneath our feet.

They make us believe they are good, while they slowly line their pockets on the backs of our hard work.

So here we are now, hanging on by a thread.

Facing our biggest fears.

Trying to pull together so we don’t come apart.

One wrong move and we are all exposed,


trying to piece together a solution to a problem we don’t understand.

Because what we fear can make us grow,


or fade.

We are walking on a tightrope, and no one knows if the net will hold.

So hold on, hold dear, hold steady,

and breathe.

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