For The Children

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They speak of self-care, but they do not see

the faces of those who will forever haunt me.

The cute little boy, who when he gets mad,

he threatens to kill because of his dad.

Because dad beat up mom when he was on drugs,

and now this little boy does not know how to love.

I think of the boy who lives with his mom,

because one day he woke up and his dad was just gone.

Now this little boy does not know how to trust

because the man in his life chose to give up.

These kids do not know, they did not get to choose,

the homes they grow up in, how much they will lose.

It’s left up to us to help these kids grow strong,

with our limited budgets and wait lists so long.

But we continue to fight because in our hearts we know,

these children are worth it, and love always grows.